Lifestyles of Superheros: Stark Tower

In the movies, Tony Stark is a male stereotype straight out of Mad Men. He drinks, womanizes and is extremely successful in business. He has a sexy assistant and a sexy Russian spy (Okay, not a stereotype, but I would be remiss to forgo a reason to include a picture of Scarlet Johannsson in that cat suit)


So what is it we can learn from Tony Stark and his own MAN LAIR. Like many heroes, this has changed dramatically over the years, depending on which artist is involved and what style is popular at the time, similar to the Bat mobile. So I am going to take one of the more recent incarnations of Stark Tower, the one from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game.

Stark’s home base is a picture of minimalist ideas. There is plenty of space in Stark Tower, but Tony doesn’t force himself to fill it. He keeps only the items that he has a use for. The flooring is a simple beige tile that doesn’t attract the eye, rather allowing the gorgeous skyline or whatever scantily dressed companion to do that instead.

The lines in Stark tower are all predominantly vertical, which draws the eyes upward, showing off the high ceilings Tony no doubt has at the top floor of a skyscraper.

So the how you imitate this look?

1) Maximize Floor Space– Yes, we all want a living room  that we can fit twenty or thirty friends, sadly many of us do not have that luxury. The way you “create” floor space that isn’t there is to take the furniture off the ground. Buying furniture that has a few inches of clearance between the floor and the ground will give you the illusion of an extra few inches of space. Look at something similar to the IKEA Stockholm sofa.

2) Keep Things Vertically– This is not dependent on whether or not you have high ceilings. By making long vertical lines, you draw the eye of guests up to show off the fact you have clearance in case Shaq stops by. Horizonatal lines makes rooms look shorter, so even if you do not have tall ceilings, this may give people the feeling that the room is taller then it really is.

3) Keep it Simple– Don’t make every item you have in the room an eye catcher. This can lead to a stimulus overload. Avoid small patterns and let only a few, choice items speak for the room. Look for something like a gel fueled copper fireplace or a simple piece of artwork to attract the attention.

4) Colors- While it is pretty obvious for comic fans, red and yellow are fairly easy to stick to. Whenever possible, use metals and other smooth textures over wood. Stainless Steel and glass will work well, but whenever possible use a copper, brass, gold or bronze to stick with the color scheme.

5) Plants– Green, leafy plants are prominent in the pictures of Stark Tower that I included. They work to separate “rooms” where there really are none. This is all for the best, wall would simply obscure the 360 degree views that Stark Tower has. in this building. They are not just thrown into the corner. These are barriers similar to a kitchen bar/island that keeps the open feel while still separtating the spaces. Do not simply buy a bunch of plants and place them wherever, put them places where they accomplish something.

6) Windows- Okay, I tend to doubt you live in the top floor of a skyscraper, but getting a lot of natural light in a room like this is key. Do not put up aanything that will block one centimeter of possible sunlight. Take off window treatments and blinds and let the sun pour in on its own terms.

Here are a few living rooms that have aspects of the Stark Tower look.

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