Lifestyles of Superheros: Introduction

As guys, we virtually all did it. We got that old bath towel, a safety pin and a construction paper cut out of the first letter of our name and “fought crime” in our back yard. Spent hours over with our elbows in the carpet while flipping pages of a comic book or watching Batman punch the joker during our Saturday morning cartoons.We also wanted our own Bat Cave or to go to Professor Xavier’s “School for Gifted Youngsters”. We wanted to see the jagged angles of Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude” and swim through Atlantis with Aquaman/ Prince Namor.

So how come nothing ever came of these adolescent fantasies? The big issue was that at age 10, we never really had the money to outfit our Bat Caves the way we wanted to. Now we are grown up and can do anything, yet have trouble finding inspiration for our space.

So, with this said, this week Homes4Men will talk about the five superhero pads we want to live in, and the best ways to mimic these in your home.

Post 1:  Stark Tower

Post 2: The Batcave

Post 3: Xavier’s School  for Gifted Youngsters

Post 4: Asgard

Post 5: Fortress of Solitude

Bonus: Iron Man’s Point Dume Home


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