Do You Have Wood?

I you answered cherry, oak or mahogony, you are correct. If you jumped on the blatent penis joke, then I cannot award you any points, but appluad your efforts. There are plenty of penis jokes on other websites. This article is actually about wood furniture and incorporating it into your decor without having to paint over it.  

Not Suitable For Furniture.

So what is it about wood that appeals to guys so much, hypothetical reader? Is it the grain? Are we attracted to the color? Why am I talking to myself? Why am I in this tower and where did this rifle come from?

It is not only the grain and the color, it is the feel and function of wood. It is the fact we can get wood to conform and bend to our will. It is soft and can be shaped into anything we want yet still hard enough to give men a sense of permanance. The feeling that the mantle we put over the fireplace will long outlast the rest of the house.

Guys should always try to use wood when decorating their house. There are few things more masculine than a big piece of mahogony in the center of the living room. The real question is which wood is right for you and how to work with it inside your home.


Oak had seemed to fall out of favor in the last decade or so. The warm and light brown color doesn’t really match the current black and white color pallet of modern homes. Many of the old oak cabinets that were bought in the 80s and 90s, when the were fashionable, have been subjected to paint or beng ripped out entirely dunring home renovations. This always seems to take the warmth out of a room. When it comes to oak, work with it, not against it. Keeping the oak will let the room feel warm, plus cost less than replacing a set of cabinets or a floor with either metal or their darker wood counterparts. Try a deep red or brown colored paint to match and bring out the beauty of the wood grain.


Doesn’t that just look like a good old fashioned hug. Mahogony is a classy dark wood that seems to drink scotch old enough to buy and smoke Cuban cigars. There is not reason to downplay mahogany, it should pop out  and grab your attention. Use complimentary colors when working with a mahogany so it demands its own attention .Avoid going to dark, because dark colors will hide the grain and texture. I would typically stay with the greens or the light tans.


Espresso wood is easily the most modern of all the woods out there. It has that deep brown color so close to black that it fits perfectly with modern decor. So the question with espresso wood is what can’t you match with it. Seeing as black is located in the center of a color wheel, it goes with everything. I personally prefer a deep gray or a blue, but let your style decide. This is a picture with espresso and plain white paint, which really lets the wood pop and make the home feel crisp and modern.


Brazillian cherry nice warm red color with a darker brown rain. It gives you a feeling of having fire indoors. The oranges, reds and bronws all work well together in this wood, and it is easily my favorite. When you do anything with red, the complimentary colors are blue and green, so using these colors on the walls will really get your cherry to take a center stage.


Bamboo is another modern option. It doesn’t have the same warmth and grain as the other options, but is appealing to people who are looking for the “light, air-y space”. Typically this is another word matched with a white walls and furniture, but men are cretures of color. I would suggest a really dark colored paint and and accesories when working with bamboo.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of species of wood, these five should get you started. These are the four basic colors you will see wood in and should give you a basic idea on how to paint and accesorize to make real wood a focal point of your home.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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