Lifestyles of superheros: The Batcave

Batman has always appealed to guys on a huge level. We love the gadgets. We love the cars. We love the fact he spends his time between being a billionaire bachelor and punching people in the face. I even attribute Batman to the emergence of Brookstone and Sharper Image. It is a guys love for gadgets, which could arguably have been caused by Batman, that draws us in and gets us to buy a wine refrigerator that can file a 1040EZ.

So it is understandable why some of us would want to emulate the Batcave in one way or another. And when it comes to a base, there is nothing that really beats the Batcave. It has everything. Cars, boats, jets, giant televisions, and ninja weapons.

Plus a T-Rex and a giant penny for some reason.

So how is it you can make your own home Batcave? Obviously letting winged rodents into your house to perch on your ceiling fan is going to be frowned upon come resale time. So here are a few ways to give your space a subtle touch of the Dark Knight’s abode.

1) Natural Stone– The most noticeable part of any cave is the rocks for obvious reasons. I would suggest a unpolished slate or soapstone for the room to give it the dark cave feeling. Using a polished stone like granite or marble would give will you less cave and more of a pallazzo feel. You may even consider doing an accent wall of stone. There are various stone veneers that are designed for exterior use, but can be just as easily applied inside and have been used many times for fireplaces and such. These can get expensive, so you may want to take a look at Advanced Rock Technologies for a cheaper alternative. Either way, these will give you the “cave” look you want.

2) Industrial Lighting– Lighting was never a big concern for Batman. I don’t see the great detective going up and down the aisles of Home Depot asking what light fixture is “just right for him”. Wayne simply picked out whatever was cheapest and whatever worked, which was usually stainless steel hanging lights. Progress Lighting has a great option for an industrial pendant light that will work, but make sure you have the ceiling clearance for this light. Hitting you head on a light every time you walk into your bedroom is not very Batman-like.

3) Toys– Okay, not quit the action figures you played with as a kid. I am talking about televisions, Blu-Ray players, computers, PS3s and stereos. In many other decor styles, these are meant to be hid away. They are all a nuisance that designers “have to deal with”. With the Batcave, these become the fixtures of the room. Especially the television. The television becomes the heart of the room and the bigger the better. Anything under 40″ is almost an insult to Wayne and his various crime fighting compatriots. Be proud of your electronics and display them right on the shelf, and not in a cabinet.

4) Furniture– Keep it black or gray and industrial. Yes, the leather recliner is welcome here, but don’t get a big puffy one. Get something more streamlined. Think along the lines of the Eames office chair and the Barcelona Couch by Mies van der Rhoe. Sears has a simple Transdeco media stand for sale online that gives you a great modern yet industrial look that would suit Bruce well.

5) Colors– This is where you might be surprised by the amount of wiggle room you have. Black might be a bit much with the furniture, but a nice dark gray would work well. Don’t limit yourself, however. There are many browns and blues that would match the stone well too. I would look at Sherwin Williams’ Iron OreFoggy DayProtégé Bronze, or Slate Tile. You may also want to try a textured effect here, but I would rather just do a stone accent wall.

So these are just a short list of ideas on how to turn your home into your very own Batcave. Here is a small collection of Batcaves people have already made and some that just adhere to some of the Batcave rules that I laid out. These are not all perfect adoptations of my rules, but all have some ideas that give you a bit of the “cave” feel.

Apartment Therapy


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