Stereotypical Men And Paint

Like I discussed before, 1 out of 20 men are at least partially colorblind. This is compared to 1:200 women who suffer the same condition. I am told this occurs because the “Y” chromosome” is typically the one that carries the color blind trait. For the sake of simplicity however, we will chalk this up to “Voodoo and/or Witchcraft” for now so we can continue our discussion in as close to a serious manner as I can manage.

So if you cannot tell the difference between “Eggshell” and “Brilliant White”, you are not alone.  That doesn’t mean you have a decorating advantage, however. Guys know that there is some difference between “French Roast” and “Turkish Coffee“, but many of us couldn’t tell you what it is.

So what does this mean for guys when it comes to interior decorating? It means go big or go back to the store and buy another gallon(not quite as catchy, but more accurate). It means the masculine colors are the deeper, darker colors.It means we paint our home with dramatic colors that compliment and contrast with each other. By making the differences obvious, we don’t have to worry about the nuances between “Classical White” and “Summer White“.

5% of guy don’t know these are 2 different colors. 90% don’t care.

 So we can accept that we need to make our home dramatic, but we may not know how to match colors. (I have seen what you wear, many of us don’t know how to match colors.) For those of you who do not know how color works, take a moment and Google search “Color Wheel”. Go ahead and open another tab. I will be right here waiting….

Look, I went ahead and did it for you. You were taking too long.

The simple way to get the dramatic effect is to use complimentary color theory. If you didn’t want to click the link, you basically pick colors that are across from each other on the wheel. Say you like the deep blues around the 19 or 20 mark in the wheel I showed. The complimentary color would then be either yellow or orange.

This happens all the time in sports. Look at the New York Knicks (Blue and orange), the New Orleans Hornets (Green and purple), and the New York Giants (Blue and red). The dramatic change in color helps grab your attention.

You can also use Triadic complimentary colors or split complimentary colors. These more or less makes the color wheel a peace sign with the two legs spread at different degrees. This gives you a little more freedom when it comes to what is complimentary, allowing you to pair purple and yellow (Washington Huskies, Minnesota Vikings) or red and green (Nashville Predators, Milwaukee Bucks).

White black and the grays all reside in the center of the wheel, because the values of red, blue and green in the mix are that same. If you don’t believe me, ask a computer buddy who knows hexadecimal code (it is more Voodoo and/or Witchcraft in my book).

So what are the typical “guy colors”? Men usually pick the dakr versions of primary and basic colors (Think the  Crayola 16 pack) with almost anything except pink and off whites. The best suggestion I could find was to find artwork that deeply appeals to you and match the colors from there.

Cigar Bar by Brent Lynch

Take this picture for example. This is one of my favorites because it screams classic masculinity. You immediately notice the deep red behind the bar, the dark brown of the bar and the black in the suit. They are all dramatically different and eye catching.

Another idea is to look at a TV show or movie you like. wrote an article a while back on the colors that are used in AMC’s Mad Men. Don Draper and friends have a distinctive style which many of us would like to emulate. The article grabs a lot of old ads and takes colors from them to paint colors. You can do this with any old ad and get the same effect, but I would stick with those mentioned in the show.

Pictured: Smokable Inspiration

There is the nice deep green with the same red as before. This packaging definitely cannot be called “dainty” or feminine by any stretch of the imagination. It also adheres to the triadic color scheme (Milwaukee Bucks, remember?). But how will this look in reality? I tried to match these colors in Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Visualizer and this is what I got this.

May not be a perfect match, but maybe I am one of those color blind guys I keep talking about.

But what if you don’t want to use an old cigarette package for inspiration and would prefer to use a movie poster or a screen shot. Well, for one, most modern movies LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME, so I’ll take one of the classic man movies.

Take Note, Awesome Poster

Notice again the classic contrast of dark blue and yellow (Michigan Wolverines) that they used to grab you attention. Try matching a few of the colors and see what that same kitchen looks like.

And to use the colors from the Brent Lynch painting…

So finding masculine colors is easy, you simply find masculine pictures and move from there. These three kitchens are anything but feminine. They scream that you are a modern man with a fridge full of meat, a cooler full of beer and a bar full of aged scotch all while remaining modern. This is what a Homes4Men guy is looking for.


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